The Shopping District is located only 10 minutes from Strombeek-Bever, Laeken, Jette, Neder-over-Heenbeek, Haren, Evere, Machelen, Zaventem, Vilvoorde and Brussels city centre. 30 minutes from Antwerp, Mechelen, Aalst, Waterloo and Leuven.

At Docks Bruxsel you will find:

  • 1,700 parking spaces
  • Recharging points for electric cars
  • Taxi lane
  • Docks Bruxsel also has a Cambio cars pick-up point

If you only need a car from time to time, Cambio carsharingis an option for you. Docks Bruxsel has provided a dedicated parking space for Cambio (beside the main parking entrance – entry “Avenue Lambermontlaan”) where you can pick-up a car whenever you need one.


Docks Bruxsel is partnering with Taxis Verts.

Ordering a taxi can easily be done at our Welcome Desk. Taxis Verts has nearly 500 ecologically responsible cars and will be happy to drive you home after your shopping day at our Shopping District.



Schaerbeek station is a 10 minute walk away.



The 3 and 7 STIB tram routes stop at Docks Bruxsel, on levels 0 and +1.
Tram 3 stops at ‘Docks Bruxsel’ (at the entrance ‘Quai des Usines/Werkhuizenkaai’).
Tram 7 stops at ‘Docks Bruxsel (the main entrance).



The 47, 57 and 58 STIB bus routes stop at Docks Bruxsel.
Bus 47 stops at ‘Van Praet’ (at 100 meters from the main entrance).
Bus 57 stops at ‘Van Praet’ (at 100 meters from the main entrance).
Bus 58 stops at ‘Docks Bruxsel’ (the main entrance).



Appealing, comfortable and no traffic jams.
Canal shuttle service between Brussels and Vilvoorde.
The Waterbus pier is located just opposite the Shopping District.



The oval roundabout at the bottom of Boulevard Lambermont is designed to improve traffic flow. It is criss-crossed by pedestrian walkways and cycle paths to guarantee simple, safe access.



Cyclists can use one of the 200 outdoor public bike parking spaces, the 40-space Villo! docking station or the 160-space bike park, located at the entrance ‘Lambermont’. Charging points for electric bikes and a bike maintenance station are also available.