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Environmental Commitment

Docks Bruxsel is strongly committed to sustainable development. During the design and construction, the environment was at the heart of our concerns and as a result the centre has achieved BREEAM certificate of excellence.

We are continuing to keep the environment in mind with a new series of measures that makes Docks Bruxsel one of the most sustainable Shopping Districts in Europe:

Smart Building

4500m2 of solar panels providing the centre with green energy

Natural ventilation throughout the centre due to the automatic opening glass roof system

Glass roof that reduces energy consumption

Rainwater is filtered via a green roof and collected to be used for cleaning and watering the plants

The centre is equipped with waste compactors which reduces volume removed

An energy recovery system that saves 1,600 MWh each year, enough to heat 1,300 homes!

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Smart tenants

All tenants sign up to a ‘green charter’ in their lease agreement, which commits to a series of measures reducing their energy footprint.

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Smart Bees

As part of our partnership with social enterprise BeeOdiversity, Docks is home to approximately 80,000 honeybees in the two hives on the centre’s roof.


Smart Campaigns

Throughout the year we run many initiatives and campaigns that promote greener living and always look to ensure we promote messaging around sustainable living.

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