Environmental Commitment

Docks Bruxsel is strongly committed to sustainable development. During the design and construction, the environment was at the heart of our concerns and as a result the centre has achieved BREEAM certificate of excellence.


We are continuing to keep the environment in mind with a new series of measures that makes Docks Bruxsel one of the most sustainable Shopping Districts in Europe:

  • 4500m2 of solar panels providing the centre with green energy
  • Natural ventilation throughout the centre due to the automatic opening glass roof system
  • Glass roof that reduces energy consumption
  • Rainwater is filtered via a green roof and collected to be used for cleaning and watering the plants
  • The centre is equipped with waste compactors which reduces volume removed
  • All tenants sign up to a ‘green charter’ in their lease agreement, which commits to a series of measures reducing their energy footprint
  • An energy recovery system that saves 1,600 MWh each year, enough to heat 1,300 homes!
  • As part of our partnership with social enterprise BeeOdiversity, Docks is home to approximately 80,000 honeybees in the two hives on the centre’s roof
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